Newsletters 2018-2019

Mrs. Gilpatrick’s Monthly Newsletter

Important Dates to Remember:

*Monday, November 12th- NO SCHOOL- Veterans Day

*Tuesday, November 13th- Picture retakes

*November 19th-20th  NO SCHOOL- Professional day for teachers

*November 21st-23rd- Thanksgiving Break

*Friday, December 7th-Trimester 1 ends

Friendly Reminders:

*Please make sure to initial or sign your child’s Agenda Book each night so that I know that you have seen the papers in their Shark Folder and homework assignments.

*Spelling assessments will be every other Friday unless there is no school on a Friday.  

*Scholastic Book order is due Friday, November 16th.

Ask your child about:

*Read aloud- The Tiger Rising, by Kate DiCamillo

*Read aloud- Touch Blue, by Cynthia Lord

*”Growing Ideas About Characters”

*Noticing patterns in a character’s actions

*Why might a character act like this? What are the character’s desires and how are they achieved?

*Do you notice anything about the character that the author repeats?

*Author’s craft- what does the author do on purpose and why?

*How do characters change?

*Story elements- characters, setting, plot, problem, solution, theme

*Using evidence from the book to prove theories about characters

*Complexity of characters- How is Rob in The Tiger Rising, complex?  How is the character in the book you’re reading complex?  How can you prove it with evidence from the book?

*Realistic fiction writing- developing believable characters, setting and plot.

*Following the “arc” of the story scene by scene.

*Show, don’t tell- how to effectively describe a character

*When do we start a new paragraph?  

*Why do we use paragraphs in our writing?

*How do we incorporate figurative language into our writing?

*Revising vs. editing- Pruning out, adding in vs. correcting spelling and punctuation

*Grammar- Noun review: singular, plural, common, proper

*The difference between a noun and a pronoun

*Fall Poetry

*Landforms-What are they and which ones do we have in Maine?

*The 5 map essentials

*Absolute and relative locations

*Finished up Maine Maps- what a great hands-on project!

*Everyday math Unit 1 Assessment and Unit 2 Pre-assessment

*Began Unit 2 in Everyday Math: Multiplication and Geometry

*What is the difference between a factor and a multiple?

*Square numbers and patterns

*The area formula of a rectangle

*What is a formula? How do they help us?

*Prime and composite numbers

*Open response--- Little and Big- Making predictions based on information given and making mathematical arguments to support those predictions.  

*Analyzing conjectures and arguments of others, then revising your own.

*Classifying triangles by kinds of angles or lengths of sides

*Quadrilaterals and classifying them by common attributes or properties

*Lobster Lore Presentation

*Stack-up in Mrs. Gagnon’s room

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